Fishcate.com is search engine specialized for classified / marketplace for car ads, homes and property, jobs and vacancies.

We gather useful listings information from various well known classified / marketplace websites in the country.
Combine the listings data and go thru a series of data cleanup and matching, and finally display it in intuitive & insightful manner to help consumer for their decision making.

Our aim is to provide a user friendly search engine platform to search for things that matter to them.

We do not store & disclose any sellers information from the 3rd party websites in our platform. Also we do not accept any forms of monetary value to interfere with the listing volume / position in the search result listing page.

If you experiencing difficulties, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, if you would like the listings from your website to be included in our platform or banner advertising opportunity for your brand, please Reach Out to Us!

Happy browsing!